Sexual Violence Prevention Trainings

Delivered by Julie S. Lalonde and Kevin Vowles, Voices for Equity Sexual Violence Prevention Trainings offer Varsity Athletics Departments and Universities the opportunity to engage in cutting edge trainings to prevent sexual violence in their communities.  Based on a combined two decades experience in the field of violence prevention, Julie and Kevin offer comprehensive, engaging, non-shaming trainings that student athletes love!

At the end of the trainings students will be able to:

  • Identify and practice consent

  • Speak out against violence

  • Suggest or offer support to those who need resources and supports because they have experienced violence

  • Effectively support and believe survivors who come forward sharing their experiences of sexual violence

  • Communicate their own boundaries and support others to do the same

  • Advocate for safe spaces in their communities

To read more about Sexual Violence Prevention trainings please visit our blog.

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