Attiya Khan is a Toronto-based feminist, intimate partner violence survivor, and long-time advocate and counsellor for abused women and children. Attiya has worked in women’s shelters in Canada and the United States, including running the Child and Youth Services Program at Transition House in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Most recently she worked at YWCA Toronto where she served in a variety of frontline, program management and advocacy roles, including supporting the communications and advocacy team, running a training program on crisis intervention, and administering the December 6th Fund, which offers interest-free loans for women fleeing domestic violence. As a writer, activist and speaker, she has become a presenter and panellist for numerous events and conferences related to domestic violence.


Keynote: Surviving Abuse and Understanding the Person: A Journey Into Justice


Attiya delivers a powerful keynote, discussing her experiences with abuse and the journey to justice, through the creation of the film A Better Man. Attiya humanizes people who have abused and used violence, by listening with an open heart to the man who abused her. Using empathy and understanding, while simultaneously achieving accountability, Attiya opens up a vital conversation about reconciliation.  She explores what justice means to her, and how sitting with Steve in A Better Man has helped her to heal and find peace in her life.  Attiya also speaks to the need for systemic change and recognition of domestic violence as an endemic public health issue that everyone from friends to employers need to recognize and engage with.  Attiya is masterfully skillful at generating conversations that lead to change.

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