Maryam and Nivaal Rehman are 16-year-old twins from Sinclair Secondary School, in Whitby Ontario, who have been activists ever since they were in Grade Three. They have worked in their local and global community for causes such as girl's education in Pakistan, along with running the Students Together Against Racism, Model United Nations,  Youth In Action and Environmental clubs in their school. Their leadership experience has included the various conferences they have organized including the International Women's Day conference they held through the Girl Up club (a UN initiative) that they launched at their school (see Youtube video!).


In 2016, they began their YouTube channel called “The World With MNR” to inspire others to change the world. Through their channel, they covered many events including the 2-day Social Good Summit by Mashable and the United Nations in New York City, WE Day Toronto and events with the Blue Dot movement.


Their activism has led them to receive the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award (now the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers) along with the Being ME Rising Muslimah award and the Canada 150 Youth Champion award by MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes. Furthermore, they have been featured in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Whitby This Week and the Durham Chronicle newspapers because of their efforts to make a difference.


They have also had the opportunity to interview PM Trudeau and Malala Yousufzai when Malala came to Canada in 2017, as part of her Girl Power Trip. They are continuing their activism through volunteering, travelling and sharing their experiences to inspire others through their social media and their YouTube channel, The World With MNR.



Keynote: How to Become an Activist and Change the World

Ever since they were eight years old, twins Maryam and Nivaal Rehman have been activists for various causes, especially womens’ and girls’ issues. In this keynote, they describe their activism journey and how they used the simple formula of using the talents they had and the causes they cared about to create meaningful change. This keynote describes how they empower others through their own activism with girls’ education, gender equality and highlight how they create change with their YouTube channel The World With MNR. Finally, they describe how to use your own talents and the causes you care about to change the world.


Workshop: To Have a Meaningful Impact in the World

Activists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman bring a workshop designed to help participants become changemakers. In this workshop, they will guide participants based on their personal experience with activism and advocacy as they went from volunteering and participating in numerous social good initiatives locally and internationally, to creating their YouTube Channel, The World With MNR. Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, and create their own action plans for social good that are geared towards the cause they care about the most by going through the formula talent+cause = change. This workshop will guide participants in focusing their efforts towards a specific cause and having a lasting impact in the world.

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