Glen Canning is an advocate for victims of sexual assault. He is the father of Rehtaeh Anne Parsons, a Nova Scotia teenager who was sexually assaulted by four high school
classmates in November 2011. Rehtaeh ended her life April 4th, 2013, following months of cyber-abuse and victim blaming.


Glen has spoken about Rehtaeh’s case internationally and across Canada. For his work, Glen and Leah, along with Amanda
Todd’s mother Carol, received the Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy in 2013.


Keynote: Rehtaeh Parsons

The tragic story of Rehtaeh Parsons, a Nova Scotia teenager who
ended her life following a gang sexual assault. In this Keynote Glen covers Rehtaeh's life, the assault, police investigation, and provides insight into the victim-blaming she endured for over a year.  Glen compassionately addresses the need for young men to act with integrity and empathy as they enter manhood, engaging in allyship with each other to prevent sexualized violence.  

Workshop: Consent and Youth

How the Rehtaeh Parsons story highlights the importance of
teaching consent in schools.


To engage youth, particularly young men, in ending violence against women.

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