Anahita Negarandeh is an advocate for mental health, a suicide survivor, a psychology grad from York University, Founder of Eluma Productions events management, and most importantly a fighter for change in mental health support and care system.


Anahita strongly believes that nobody deserves to suffer an illness alone and in silence for almost a decade as she did due to stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Having survived a severe suicide attempt and fighting with several psychiatric diagnoses in silence for nearly a decade, she initiated and hosted the United We Speak mental health awareness event in Barbados and Toronto to unite people from all walks of life and bring forth a positive change in breaking the silence of mental health issues.

Keynote: Mental Health - Suicide Prevention & Stigma


Drawing from her personal life journey from surviving suicide and managing numerous psychiatric diagnoses (including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, ADHD, and most recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder), Anahita speaks with vulnerability about living with the challenges of mental health.  Anahita's ongoing mental health challenges include numerous relapses, which she suffered through silently over the past decade due to the existent stigma surrounding mental health.


In a bold shift, Anahita now bravely and eagerly speaks out, shares her story publicly, and has been oriented to unite people internationally through her passion of event planning, as well as her educational background in psychology to break the stigma associated with mental health. She shares her journey battling numerous psychiatric diagnoses, losing close friends due to stigma, and working for a positive change in mental health. Through speaking about her passion for planning events that support mental health, and her background in psychology, Anahita grows support for understanding and destigmatising mental health.  


She eagerly shares the importance of talking openly about mental health to break the stigma that exists regarding the topic. Her goal is to empower and inspire people from all walks of life to unite together for a positive change not only in destigmatising and normalizing the topic of mental health; but also, to come up with action plans to increase the availability of more resources for mental health patients within the healthcare system.

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