Millie Boella is an (Adult) Third Culture who lived due to her parents’ occupations in 12 countries spanning East Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe before immigrating in 2006 to Canada. She is a professional writer who works in various mediums: fiction (novel, poetry) and non-fiction ( essays, columns, blogging, grant writing). Millie's activism work spans two decades and includes working with UNHabitat, UNEP, Dutch Labour Party, York University Black Association (Editor), The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta, African Rainbow (President), Wychwood Open Door Drop-In Centre (Executive Director), Toronto Non-Monogamous BIPOC (Founder) among other social justice organizations.


Keynote:  Third Culture Kid Migration, Nationalism and Privilege within the Black Diaspora, Polyamory as a racialized person, Bisexuality and Biphobia.


Workshop: Unpacking white privilege and racism in polyamory: how to be a better ally/partner, Wakanda and the dream of Pan-Africa: Nationalism and Privilege within the Black Diaspora


Workshops and Keynote aim to elucidate on the erasure of the groups Millie belongs to and to challenge people to confront their systems of knowledge that create discrimination and marginalization, in order to create inclusive ways of relating to each other.

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