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Nathan Hutton is more than just another person with a story to tell. Take away the powerpoint and the microphone and you still have someone with the training and ability to engage young minds. Someone with lived experience that is still relatable to the youth and young adults of today. Using his 14+ years of experience working as a Child and Youth Worker, Nathan presents a message of perseverance and resilience to empower young people to overcome the effects of bullying and negative thinking. Coming from a life of poverty, anger and depression, Nathan talks about how discovering and creating music helped him actively achieve a positive mental attitude which helped him to leave behind the negative self-talk that was plaguing him and the criminal path he heading down. Nathan uses his time as a presenter to really connect with the audience at their level leaving behind a positive message and the mindset that barriers mean nothing and mistakes are lessons to learn from. Obstacles are something worth overcoming and you only truly fail when you give up.


Hurt Heal Repeat Presentation

Over the course of 60 - 90 minutes, Nathan shares his personal journey of how music and the search for building a positive mental attitude helped him leave behind a life of poverty, depression, negative self-image, and criminal activity.


The Potential Within Presentation

A 45 - 60 minute presentation that encourages the audience to recognize their own greatness and to find strength to ignore any negative thoughts or statements they may place on themselves.


Employment Workshops

Before becoming a youth speaker, Nathan worked with Toronto’s homeless youth as an employment counsellor and facilitated a pre-employment program covering the basics of seeking, acquiring, and maintaining employment. He now uses that same knowledge and presents a condensed workshop varying between 1-2 days in length.


Anti-Bullying Workshop

Speaking from lived experience Nathan takes 2-4 hours to discuss some of the root causes of bullying, the damaging effects bullying can inflict, the signs and symptoms of being bullied, the changing face of bullying, and some steps we can all take to minimize and end bullying from happening to ourselves or those we care about.


Parent Support Workshop

Sometimes being a parent is the hardest job a person can take on. Other days, it’s the most rewarding. No matter what is going on, some parents need an opportunity to meet with their peers and discuss some of the biggest challenges they are facing raising their children. Nathan takes 2-4 hours to go over some of the more common concerns parents are facing as well as getting them connected with a parent-support community and area resources.

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